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VPSL Travel Program

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01 Apr, 2024 - 30 Jun, 2025

ODSC VPSL Soccer - Fall 2024 Tryout

ODSC sponsors U10-U19 travel teams and players, both boys and girls. Requiring a high level of commitment for players and families, this program is designed to prepare players to compete at the NPL level and prepare them for the next level (College) by creating a high-quality training and competition environment.

2023-2024 Boys Coaching Slate

2012 U12 Rampage
Aaron Lieb
2005 U18/19 United
Vasit Leidy
2011 U13 Avengers
Aaron Lieb
2006 U17 Warriors
Alec Vetro

2023-2024 Girls Coaching Slate

2009 U15 Dynamo
John Gutierrez
2008 U16 Eclipse
Nick Dally
2005 U18/19 Union
Vasit Leidy

2023-2024 VPSL Fees

U10 (2014) - U15 (2009)

$ 1200 Yearly
  • Acceptance Fee July 1st $220
  • 1st payment August 1st $140
  • 2nd payment September 1st $140
  • 3rd payment October 1st $140
  • 4th payment November 1st $140
  • 5th payment December 1st $140
  • 6th payment Janurary 1st $140

U16 (2008) - U18/19 (2005)

$ 700 Yearly
  • Acceptance Fee July 1st $220
  • 1st payment August 1st $120
  • 2nd payment September 1st $120
  • 3rd payment October 1st $120

Base Fees Include

  • 16 games of VPSL for the year U10-U15 (8 in the fall, 8 in the spring).
  • 8 games of VPSL per season for U16-U19 (fall league play only).
  • 1 hour of technical training per week with our DOC or technical staff (minimum of 8 sessions a season).
  • Goalkeeping specific training (minimum of 8 sessions a season).
  • 4 DOC directed practices per team per season.
  • Minimum of 6 turf practices per team per season.
  • College playing advisement and prep program.
  • League and Governing Organization fees
  • US Club Player Pass
  • Club website hosting and development fees
  • Club operating expenses (insurance, online registration, field maintenance, referee fees and additional club overhead)
  • Professional Fees (CPA, etc.)
  • Need-based financial aid program

Base Fees Exclude

  • Coaching fees (covered by team fees)
  • Tournaments (ODSC allowed the teams to dictate the number and frequency of tournaments, we advice 2 in the fall and 1 in the spring).
  • Uniforms, club apparel, and individual gear.

Note: Coaches fees and tournaments should be available with discussion prior to acceptance to the team. Coaches should have a budget/tournament available upon request.

Player Uniforms

  • Each new player will be required to purchase the designated set of uniforms for ODSC NPL travel players which will be the official uniform ( we operate on a 2-3 year cycle- 2023 Fall will be the start of a 2 year cycle).
  • Current uniform kit includes:
    • Navy Jersey, shorts and socks – required
    • White jersey, shorts and socks – required
    • Training gear is optional

Refund Policy

  • Refunds may be possible due to unexpected move or injury. Documentation is required upon request of the ODSC Board.
  • ODSC is not obligated to provide refunds. However, if you have a refund request, it will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Processing fees may apply in addition to funds allocated for program and club expenses, and refunds are not an obligation and determined via ODSC Board majority vote.